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14th January
written by Tom Banaszewski

Try this. Before throwing students into the deep end of creating a short film, make sure you give them some experience in creating a film that already has a clear story line. Also, make sure it can be filmed at school or with a minimum of actors and props. For this activity, all you need is a FlipVid camera or still camera that has video recording.

Download this story outline: Go to the Dance with Me story outline

For another story outline, check out these: Film This Story


1. Give trio of students the story outline.

2. Students review the outline and make any modifications to the story.

3. Students create list of scenes for the story (or give students a Sample Scene List or Completed Scene and Shot List).

4. No dialogue.

5. Film in classroom, hallway or other nearby location.

6. Delete scene(s) you don’t need.

7. Plug camera into computer (MacBook with iMovie 09) and import your scenes.

7. Drag and drop these Events (scenes) into a New iMovie Project.

8. Each group shares their film and looks for how each group filmed the scenes.

Most often beginning film students will record much more of a scene than necessary. The film from the above activity lends itself to another activity where each student is given a scene and told to re-shoot it using a minimum of camera angles and no sweeping moves of the camera.

1. Give pair/trio of students Character and Goal, they create the Conflict and Solution.
2. Students complete the Tree outline for their story.
3. Students create shot list. No dialogue.
4. Film.
5. Edit on camera. Delete scene(s) you don’t need.
6. Plug in camera to share with class to see different ways groups solved the Conflict.