Newbery Books

written by admin

I love these books. I will read all of them in my life-time. Unfortunately, many students and adults only read two or three of these exemplars of effective storytelling. There is so much potential for using this collection to help students improve their understanding of effective story techniques. Surprisingly, there’s not much on the web or creative applications of technology applied to using the Newbery winners.

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Building on Jason Ohler’s use of a virtual portrait of a story, I’ve started creating a VPS for each of the Newbery Award books. My hope is that these can be used to help students quickly see story arcs and how a story needs tension points. I also plan to use these as part of a game where the user needs to assemble the correct sequence of the story.

So far I have a set of 10 VPS slides for Newbery Award books. They are in a Powerpoint for you to modify as you want.