written by Tom Banaszewski

Tom Banaszewski. Teacher. Digital Storyteller. Researcher. Digital Literacy Consultant.


For the last seven years, I’ve been blogging about digital storytelling and related edu-tech issues on my Typepad blog. I’ve moved that blog over to WordPress to try and create a space online for teachers and students who are interested in telling effective stories in the Digital Age. Gaming, game design, transmedia storytelling, the art of the short film, interactive Choose-Your-Own-Adventure stories, video haiku. These are just a few areas of interest that I spend time testing out in the classroom.

These are also all components of digital storytelling today. But the challenge remains – how do we learn to tell an effective story in the Digital Age. What can we learn from reading and writing new digital stories that reflect an artful combination of the elements of literature, movies, and games? One thing is certain. We must teach story.

A Few Past Projects

Love and Diane – An interactive timeline developed for PBS while I was part of the Interactive TV Research Group at Georgia Tech.

Digital Storytelling in the Classroom – My thesis detailing the challenges educators face in helping students create effective and meaningful digital media products.

Newbery Award Books – Surprisingly, there’s not much on the web that’s taken advantage of this collection of award winning books often read in elementary and middle school. I’ve been creating a few resources to help students improve their understanding of story arcs and character development. This set of Virtual Portraits can be modified in Powerpoint.

Video Haiku – Before tackling a digital story, ask students to create a haiku that captures one moment. From my Mobile Me gallery, you can view a set of these.

Video Haiku Episode 4