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22nd February
written by Tom Banaszewski

GarageBand makes creating a soundtrack for a movie very easy. Try this quick exercise to get familiar with GarageBand.

1. Download this video clip .

2. Open GarageBand and Create a New Project, select Loops.

3. Drag the video clip into the GarageBand project (if you get an error message, just ignore it).

4. Use GarageBand’s many sound loops and effects to create the soundtrack for the video clip.

12th February
written by Tom Banaszewski
For a quick tutorial on getting started with iWeb, click on the image below to download a tutorial:

Picture 3

8th February
written by Tom Banaszewski

Download and add these stories to your iTunes Library.

3rd February
written by Tom Banaszewski
Whether it’s a short story or short film you’re creating, you need to know a few things about your main character. Try this:
Download this Pages file and interrogate your main character.

2nd February
written by Tom Banaszewski
Creating a story? Start with a CHARACTER. Give them a GOAL. Create a CONFLICT or a problem that gets in way the of the character reaching this goal. Make sure they STRUGGLE as they take a few different actions to overcome the CONFLICT. If you have all of these parts of a story, you need an ending or RESOLUTION. Does your CHARACTER solve the CONFLICT? Do they change or transform as a result? Do they view themselves or the world differently now?

Picture 1

Try one of these Story Templates to get started. They are Pages files. Download and open in Pages.

1st February
written by Tom Banaszewski

Got a Character? Let’s Hold an Interrogation. With a partner or as a whole class, try this:

Questions to Ask

  1. What does the character want to do or get? Goal?
  2. Why does the character want it?
  3. Why doesn’t the character have it already?
  4. What is the character willing to risk to get it?
  5. What has happened in the past to make the character feel this way?
  6. What is the character’s personality?

Does your story have CHARACTERS, CONFLICT, STRUGGLE and a GOAL? (PDF)