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17th January
written by Tom Banaszewski

Download TB_thesis_2006_edits.doc – Feel free to read and send me comments

Download TBanaszewski_DS_thesis.pdf
– This is easier to read

Last year, I interviewed a bunch of people from around the country about their digital storytelling work with students. I told them I would share my thesis with them, as well as all of the resources I collected during my research. I delayed posting my thesis because I wasn’t satisfied with the draft I had to turn into Georgia Tech. The last three chapters really show that I bit off more than I could chew. They’re pretty thin. But, no more making excuses. I have to put this thing out there.

I’m always thinking of how to improve my approach to digital storytelling in the classroom. I covered a lot of ground in my thesis, areas that haven’t been addressed by many people in the field. I represent the teacher’s perspective foremost. I cringe at glitzy multimedia presentations that students have spent expensive classroom time preparing, only to demonstrate that they know how to cut and paste pictures from the Internet. Like good writing, it’s got to move me, say something original, make a point. In a nutshell, my thesis says that if you believe technology in schools should be used to do the latter then teach kids how to tell good stories, deconstruct visual elements of good stories(movies, songs, TV, posters, photographs), and begin media literacy lessons in kindergarten. Teach kids that technology is a tool to help them communicate what they’ve learned. It’s also a valuable tool to learn with.

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