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13th July
written by Tom Banaszewski

AnyName School, a progressive urban small high school, seeks a dedicated highly qualified teacher with extensive educational technology experience and vision to manage our Media Arts program. The position entails supporting classroom teachers and running a 20 station Mac/PC computer lab which students have access to before, during and after school. The goal of the Media Arts program is for students to acquire the skills to effectively communicate in a variety of media. A heavy emphasis is placed on media literacy as well as enhancing students’ overall reading, writing and oral expression skills. An after-school Digital Storytelling Club is also run out of the Media Arts Lab and would require your assistance. Please send a letter of interest, resume, and links of any relevant work to

I’ve had to eat a big slice of humble pie these past few weeks. Not that I thought it was going to be easy to land a job remotely resembling my above dream ad, but when you want to teach in the Boston Public Schools and you have NO experience in the BPS system, it doesn’t matter how many degrees you have (I have THREE) or your years of teaching experience (I have TWELVE). I’m tempted to post something on craigslist or in the Boston Globe that reads: HIRE ME: Certified 1-6 Teacher, 12 yrs. exp. ME and MS degrees, published author, extensive educational technology experience, damn good teacher who wants to teach in Boston.

I interviewed last week in the school district where I previously taught for ten years. They didn’t ask one question about technology. I won’t be disappointed if they don’t call me.

When I’m not writing cover letters, I’m out on my bike training for the Pan Mass Challenge. This will be my fifth year riding in the two day 200 mile benefit ride for The Jimmy Fund and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. I finally finished my fundraising letter. This is the hardest thing I write all year. Read it here or Download pmc_2005.pdf
Now, I’m going to put here it in the blog so I have to follow thru on it. I’ve been storyboarding a short movie about the PMC for a while. Each time I go out for a training ride it gets clearer. So, check back soon for what should be a great digital story that, if you haven’t sponsored me already, will definitely get you to bust out the checkbook or plastic.