Archive for May 22nd, 2004

22nd May
written by Tom Banaszewski

Tom’s Top Ten

1. Not having to put the seat down.
2. Wearing the same clothes every other day and showering once a week really isn’t that offensive.
3. Small town life(especially Polverigi) beats the hustle and bustle of Rome anyday.
4. Autostrade – kilometers or miles per hour, it doesn’t matter, you still get to do over a 100 of them and it’s legal.
5. You really can’t get tired of eating great tasting pasta everyday.
6. Italian is a beautiful language to listen to even if you only have a working vocabulary of five words: “Ciao, Silvio, une cappacino, une paste chocolata, une pizza. Gratsi.”
7. – one way ticket to anyplace in Europe for under a $100, just don’t bring a lot of luggage
8. Knowing that I still have three months before I go back to school.
9. Grappa.
10.Wireless internet connections so you can work from the patio of a 600 year old villa.